random robin

More places to blog and say inane things

So a friend sent me a thing about Myspace.com which is yet another place to “make friends” and “network” – ie hook up with hot people who are actually technogeeks :p (Sorry, Chris J, just had to say it)

It’s all good though. I think that in our lives now as single people in their 30s, we realize that there is something to be said for using the internet to get to know people and to find that we have a lot in common after all. I can’t keep up with yet another blog, but I’ll read a few here and there and hopefully some more traffic will come along my way too. I already have way too many readers who are scary-stalker types! Yikes! At least the billing address on this account is my ex-boyfriend’s :p Ha ha! (Um, I should probably change that)

An argument though, is that people are not as good at relating in “real time” any more. People are great at chatting on instant messaging and emailing back and forth into eternity, but the actual skills of communication are quickly receding with most guys’ hairlines. I don’t know what I think about that. I think that most guys kinda look cool bald. And communication is overrated.

My name is Robin Hood and I approve this message.


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