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On the First Day of Christmas . . .

Why would any one actually think of a partridge in a pear tree – other than the obvious alliteration???

I do believe that this is the first Christmas Eve EVER the I did not have to step foot in a retail establishment!!! Go me! I have all the gifts wrapped and ready to rock and roll – and I don’t think I forgot any one but if I did, well I’m sorry and that only means that you don’t really register on my radar (ha, just kidding)

The big tradition for my family is to have Chinese food on xmas eve because back in 1973, my parents received a letter in the mail containing a picture and information about the most beautiful and brilliant child in the world – me! I wouldn’t come in to New York – JFK I think? – until March 1974, but my parents got Chinese food sort of in my honor, and sort of because that would be one of the few places open, Im sure.

Well, to this day we go for Chinese, but this year I was hoping to get Korean food instead. let me just say that Koreans are a real pain in the butt! There are only 5 Korean restaurants that I know of and 2 of them were closed. The one I really wanted to try was one of them. The others didn’t deliver – one didn’t take credit cards, and another one was so expensive, we might as well have gone to the Brown Palace for steak.

Oh well. One of these years I’ll start cooking Korean food. Maybe. Getting all my presents wrapped and ready before Christmas Eve was a big deal – one step at a time. One step at a time . . .


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