random robin

300 Review

I’ve been told on several occasions that my friends and family like watching movies with me because I have a contagious giggle. I just start laughing at random wacko things and people around me laugh because I am. I think that’s great, but then I used to feel obligated to try to explain what I’m laughing at. Though no one ever finds anything as funny as I do.

All this to say I randomly burst into laughter a few times at 300. Now there are certainly times the movie is going for humor, albeit sick and twisted grimy humor. But the times I’m referring to were probably not among those “planned” For example, a fairly serious scene where the queen is talking about going to war and she says “Freedom isn’t free.” I was waiting for her to then say, “It costs folks like you and me.” Some of you will not get this at all.

The worst part about laughing on your own is that it’s usually at times when you are trying to be quiet and your noisiness will annoy those around you. The original thing that made you laugh wasnt that funny, but now you are caught in this vortex of giggle and it increases the more you resist it. I was at a play once in a very small theatre and one of the actresses was so bad that every time she just walked on stage, I started to giggle. I eventually had to bury my head under my coat between my legs to calm down. But she really was that bad.

Anyway, the movie 300 was exactly as I expected it to be. And it was awesome. Visually so unique and dark. And it captured the look of the graphic novel perfectly in my opinion. The story was lame and gimmicky, but that was expected as well. It’s supposed to be over the top and a bit cliche. If you want realism, watch CNN.

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