random robin

Jump on the Colorado ROCKIES Bandwagon!!!

so here’s the thing… i have never minded bandwagon fans. i think it’s fun to get all caught up in the excitement of a team that’s playing well. i dont get the hate of some people… you know the type – “oh i’m a diehard fan where were you last season” blah blah blah. whatever.

but the truth is i went to more rockies games than pretty much all my friends put together. i used to go to the games before i even knew my boy jeremy who works for the rockies and gave me free tickets. one of my favorite summer things to do is head to the ballpark for a sunday game, grab a $1 bag of peanuts have a few overpriced watery beers and scream my head off at bad pitching. after the game, go kick back and drink corona on the jackson’s rooftop patio. that to me IS summer. nothing like it.

to not root for the home team is just unAmerican, yo. well… unless we’re talking the giants/jets who are friggin jersey traitors… thats another story.


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