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the chemistry analogy

let’s face it, when someone says “i dont want anything serious right now” it’s really a nicer way of saying “i dont think i want anything serious with YOU right now.” dont kid yourself about this. the truth is that i’m a firm believer in the right one the right time and when s/he finds a truly amazing person s/he will be all about getting serious and purty durn fast.

i’ve said it before – my theory is based on chemistry – and i don’t mean just the sexual kind although that of course plays a part. more than that, it has to do with chemical properties like we are all on the element chart. remember high school chem – atoms and protons and the neutron dance? certain elements have certain properties – you don’t question this – it just is. they acted a certain way, did certain things to get what they needed. some more stable than others. some more energetic, combustible, reactive. some elements just didn’t play well with others and some got along with virtually anyone and found something productive to do. the combinations were key – remember those mindnumbing formulas and working out how many of each go together and all the possible and sometimes lethal combinations??

this is how i see relationships. i am who i am and the more i realize things about myself the more i see what i need. when others come along we do this formula application so that we figure out strengths and weaknesses and compatibility (i hate that word but it fits here). sometimes the final product is something amazingly beautiful and/or useful. sometimes it’s just hell on earth roughly the equivalent of the atom bomb.

these relationships serve their purpose and we move on when something – or someone – else pulls us away. and now and then, you meet the one that makes you the most stable you can be as well as the most productive, and the strongest bond forms. and yes, then the commitment word pops out and when it’s right – we’ll both know.

or that whole theory is a load of crap and i didn’t really pay attention in high school…. you decide.  i could go on with more analogies about this, but i won’t.  maybe i’ll put it in a book.  all i know is i am pretty sure i’m element number 99… Einsteinium… completely unknown uses, but brilliant 🙂


3 thoughts on “the chemistry analogy

  1. Someone just said this to me recently: Love isn’t math.

    But I think we all have to approach it our own particularly way so yours is as good as anyother. Staying grounded is the tough part, for me.

  2. It’s funny that I came across your blog this morning. I have been working on a piece for a few weeks now and this post helped inspire me and get my thoughts more organized with my own beliefs. I’m going to link to you…<3

    Thank you for this!

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