random robin

yet another lesson from pooping

so my younger nephew really is a pretty pleasant fellow.  he’s 17 months old but he has this real even-keeled temperament and i have this feeling when he is 17 years old he’ll be a fairly chill dude.

except when he gets his diaper changed.  well, hopefully he wont be changing his diaper when he’s 17.  but these days, when you change his diaper he totally freaks out.  he goes from cool as a cucumber to stark raving looney.

it just makes me think about how that phrase “this too shall pass” is like the catch-all for all times in our lives.  mostly because it’s true.  everything passes.  even the need for baby wipes and having your nekkid butt in the air.  you get through it, though at times painfully, and you live to tell the tale.  and the stink may linger for a minute, but soon enough it’s gone and you’re off and running to catch a saber-toothed tiger, aka your older brother.

until you poop again… because poop happens. 



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