random robin

oh rats

so the year of the rat is upon us and allegedly that is supposed to bring about material prosperity and overall good fortune BUT only through hard work and diligence.  ok, i can get into that.

what i cannot get into is the fact that the only event i can find in my area celebrating the new year for those of chinese or otherwise east asian heritage is at the children’s museum in portsmouth!!! dont get me wrong – this is a great thing and i’m happy that even that is going on.  but really, how can there be no festival somewhere? am i missing something?  no dragon dance? no lantern parade?  what is up with that virginia? where is the love, you round-eyes???

haha. just kidding. sorta.  anyway, happy new year to my slant-eyed friends and those who love them and those who even realize that the new year is in 7 days…


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