random robin

fat, chinese new york

first of all, let the record show that i had no faith whatsoever in either the giants or the pats and the first 3 quarters supported my wavering views.  but i am proud that new york pulled through as new york tends to do (well not the giants usually, but i’ll give them credit this time.)

secondly, it totally escaped me that mardi gras is upon us.  and here i am with no beads.  funny how this time last year i was, well, let’s not go there.

thirdly, my asianness is abounding.  i talked with my newest asian friends, jean and steve louie, tonight about being asian and my own struggles with it.  i grew up hating myself and all things asian, thinking asians and koreans specifically were completely wack.  now i think they are marginally wack, but no more or less than most other people groups.  it’s human to be wack.

and finally, happy new year rats.  i heart you.  especially my slant-eyed peeps.  let’s go play some DDR yo.


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