random robin

on where i need to go

there are places i must visit before i die. if i dont i will consider myself a miserable failure.  seriously.

1. south korea – the land of my birth.  i left when i was about six months old allegedly.  and i mean allegedly because no one knows without question how old i really am. 

2. london – i feel an obligation since british lit and theatre took up the bulk of my college education.  not that i actually learned anything that would add up to much.  then again, british theatre didnt really either.  (ouch! lol)

3. jerusalem – violent unrest aside, my struggles with belief about Jesus and G-d have taken up the bulk of my life, not just college years, and to not visit the place where it all happened would be both irreverant and the cause of ignorance.  there is something to say for seeing a place of history as opposed to reading about it in a book.

so that’s the short list.  i’m sure there’s more.


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