random robin

Your Attention Please

“The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.” –Richard Moss

Kids rock.  They have this purity about them, being so in the moment and finding fascination with every little thing. The other day a young boy probably about 4 or so was in our lobby at my office.  I knelt down to say hi and gave him a scrap piece of paper and marker to play with.  He got a huge grin on his face and after a second, he said, “You’re pretty.” After I gathered myself back up from the puddle I became on the floor, I said thank you so much and asked if I could hug him.  (You have to ask these things these days in case you didn’t know that.)

Now understand something, it wasn’t a day I felt particularly pretty. I had a big zit on my nose and I didn’t have time to do anything with my hair and it was all back in a mess with a binder clip from my desk.  I was having a fairly hectic day and my mind was on ten thousand things (give or take a thousand).

But because I stopped for a child, I was given this moment of pure beauty – real beauty – not the kind that I may often wish for, like the picture perfect photo shoot of say Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie.  But in that moment, I felt just that beautiful, like I made that kid’s day. 

How often do we give someone our undivided attention?  The busy-ness of the day and tomorrow and the future crowds in to our conversations and our thoughts and lack of real attention.  We miss the “pretty” moments – the time when two people are totally into each other and just enjoy it without the cares of the world and the needs of “later” infringing.  I love those moments and I need them.  More than I will ever need acne cream.


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