random robin

nice day for a white wedding

shotgun.  lol.

so i’m normally the one sitting in the back with friends laughing at the bridesmaids’ dresses or noticing the tacky flowers they have to carry.  it’s not that i dont respect marriage per se, but mostly i think the whole thing is overblown.  i SO do not want to get married.  yea, i said it.  if for some reason i actually ever do meet someone i want to spend the rest of my life with, we are SO the justice of the peace wedding.

but i’ll tell you something. sitting in the rehearsal last night for a wedding i’m playing in today, made me a little emotional and introspective.  it made me kind of feel like the world is full of hope regardless of the reality and maybe i should just give people a break sometimes.

i’ve been asked to marry someone twice now in my life.  i’m pretty sure that i would rather have been drowned in a pool of maple syrup than get married at either point in my life.  but that’s part of my problem really.  (i hate maple syrup btw)

i’m fairly cynical when it comes to marriage.  which doesn’t really make sense because i’m surrounded by amazing couples.  my parents who will be married for 44 years in july – not a perfect marriage by any stretch, but completely functional in every way and still loving and caring for each other.  they would take a bullet for each other and there’s something to be said for that after all these years.

my brothers both have excellent marriages with loving wives and seem to have achieved that best friend and companion existence that we all long for.  most of my aunts and uncles are still married for the most part and those who had gotten divorced and remarried have been very happy the 2nd time around.  i know a small ton of couples through work and church and just out there who are great examples of various things, as every relationship is totally different and yet still the same in some way.

all this to say that i try not to be so snarky.  yes weddings are ridiculous and i will be okay with never wearing another bridesmaid dress for the rest of my life (you hear that Seneca???? haha) but all in all, it’s okay to celebrate love and commitment now and then and definitely not just on valentines.

tuwoo wuv


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