random robin

aslan’s how now?

i love the allegory as a literary device.  it can be elegant and beautiful without being over the top in your face.  as subtle as the author wishes and yet relevant and poignant.  and therefore, i loved prince caspian the movie.  it was epic and moving in an allegorical way – a tale unto itself, and held a beautiful story together.  and yet, it was so much more than that to those who see it for the picture of our relationship with God.

as painted in the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, CS Lewis pictured the character of Aslan as analogous Christ the Savior.  the willing sacrifice for Edmund’s law-breaking.  carrying that forward to prince caspian, we know the story is one of patience, where each character’s faith is tested to the brink of despair and destruction.  each character wrestles with the question – where is Aslan and why hasn’t he returned?

how often do we have this very question of God?  where is God in this? in the midst of our suffering and turmoil? in the midst of strife and war and chaos and men’s greed and arrogance and bloodlust?  why does He stand idly by, as if hidden in the dark forest appearing in small glimpses and only to a child?

i could relate so much to peter, the oldest, whose pride and self-determination costs many lives and nearly causes the complete ruin of narnia.  he feels he can do it all on his own and that aslan has abandoned them, and maybe he isnt coming at all.  peter tries on his own and he fails completely and loses many good creatures in the process.  oh how i felt his despair as he stared at the stone relief of aslan in the cave, wondering why hasn’t he come?

ok, maybe you’re thinking i take this movie way too seriously.

but i think Lewis meant it that way.  sure it’s a child’s story, but it is also for us.  that’s the beauty of the allegory – like a masked way of saying, you’re an idiot and you need to trust God.  but it’s the simplest thing and the hardest thing to do. 

i havent always believed.  in fact, i have mostly believed that i was alone and had to fend for myself.  i have a lot of habits that reflect as much.  i am fairly self-sufficient and have a hard time asking for help for myself.  i feel like if i can’t do everything on my own, then i am just not worth helping.  and i have learned that i can muddle through life alone well enough, why bother anyone else with my troubles?

and then i come back to the realization that we aren’t meant to be alone.  whatever else you may believe about God or our existence or life in general, you cannot argue the interconnection of humanity – our reliance on each other and our dependencies. 

but even more than this is the underlying reflection of our need.  a desperate need that we try to fill in a hundred different ways.  through people, through ambition and achievement, through the perfection of talent and skill, through knowledge and information.  however we try, there will always be something missing.

i am learning to pray, that i may fall flat on my face in all the things i do in vain.  that things that are not meant to be will burst into flames or wither away.  so that i may glory in my weakness because only then can i triumph.

so yea, it was a good movie.



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