random robin

and the sun shines for you

have you ever thanked the sun for shining –
just for shining or the sea?
– sister hazel, lyrics from “change your mind”

I laid out for the first time this year today.  And as I always do, I created weirdo tan lines.  I have always started every summer with a good burn which deepens into a nice tan and then i layer the tan – and the subsequent lines – to make designs.  I wish I could say I had that much forethought, but not so much.

One year, someone commented that my back looked like a spider web.  I had been doing a lot of hiking and jogging that year and used three different jog bras with various necklines.  And then another year, I had lines on my arms from a day I wore an off-the-shoulder top (which is extremely rare) and it looked like I had a band around my arms.  Oh well.  One of these years I’ll just go to one of those spray-on tan places.

I do love the sun. It completely brightens my mood.  I’ve been feeling somewhat sorry for myself this week, being sick and just generally pathetic.  There are certain things going on right now that I won’t pretend to understand and other things that are just overwhelming and demanding.  I am confident though.  Things happen for a reason and we are given enough to complete the task at hand – all the grace and the peace we need – it is ours for the asking.

In the meantime, I’m gonna soak up the sun.  And tell everyone to lighten up 😉


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