random robin

falling for you

what a rush of a feeling when you fall in love.  your heart literally beats faster when the person calls or you see him walk in the door.  when you talk sometimes you cant even formulate a full sentence and it’s hard to focus when your eyes lock.  that person feels like your everything and your whole world is put on pause in the moments you’re together.

but falling is a good way to express it.  because, as with all falls, there comes an end – the ground.  hopefully a soft easy landing, but sometimes not so much.  there can be pain and brutal reality when the effects of gravity finally come on you.  and the feeling you had mid-air becomes a sinking feeling instead of a freeing one.

now i am not admitting that i’m in love with anyone at this writing… i wouldn’t do that so publicly :p  but what i’ve been thinking about since last Sunday has finally come to a kind of epiphany for me.  last week, the pastor at my church used an example of how we as christians often feel like our lives are like rock climbing.  our walk with God is viewed like we are climbing up and we need to build the strength and skills and sometimes slip and fall and use the rope as our safety net so to speak – that the rope is like God who will catch us if we fall.

instead, the pastor said, we need to view it like RAPPELLING.  yes! a light bulb turned on in my head – i think i even saw one over everyone’s heads!  repelling is our act of using gravity (the forces of nature at work = what God has created for us to do in the first place) and fully relying on the rope strapping us in (God Himself at work in us) and through His strength alone we get down the mountain. it’s like we have less overall control than we would climbing up.  we have all of nature/gravity and its forces on our side – it WANTS us to fall down.  we are at the mercy of the rope and the strength of the rock we are anchored into.  and the rope is taking the full weight of the rappeller rather than just if we fall.

it’s a brilliant metaphor and makes me want to take up rock climbing again just so i can remind myself that i totally suck at it.  and then fully enjoy the fall back down.  because it’s only in our weakness do we ever truly get a glimpse of His strength and great love for us.  and His delight in our trust and complete surrender to Him.  we are fixed on Him in that moment, like our lives lock into the eyes of His grace, and all else fades away.

i pray daily now that i learn to fall gracefully.


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