random robin

measure in love

how do you measure
a year in the life?
how about love?
measure in love…

Every now and then I look back a year and think about what i was doing on this day or week.  I find it interesting and telling – maybe I was going through a particular rough spot and now whatever it was seems so silly or juvenile.  Or maybe I had a problem I had to deal with and now with hindsight, I can see it all so clearly.  Or maybe I haven’t learned anything or at least I feel like I am still making the same dumb mistakes I made then or feel the same stupid way.

But not today.  Today I feel encouraged. 

I like having a blog for this reason.  I get to look back through time and relive the experiences and reflect on the things I was reflecting on with a new pair of eyes – or at least a “removed” pair of eyes, one that is no longer in the thick of it.  I get to consider if I would have felt any differently and if the choices I made then stand the test of one year.  I noticed that June 2007 was strangely silent and I think back about all the things I was doing then and how things have shaken out and maybe how I would have done a few things differently and I could spend this blog beating myself up over that.

But I also get to forgive – maybe myself, maybe others.  I get to move on and remember one of my favorite sayings, “This too shall pass.” Because it always does, and I always find it freeing to know that one day I’ll look back on this too.  And all that matters is what I learned and how I got through.

It’s been quite a year.  And I suspect this year will out do it.  Already has in almost every way.

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