random robin

birthday parties and bras

yep, you read that right 😉

last night i went to a birthday dinner on a patio overlooking the bay.  today i was at a 12-year-old’s birthday party at my parents’ backyard pool.  last night my bra strap snapped and i had to remove it and was thankful the top i had on was somewhat conducive to that.  today, my little 12-yr-old friend was saying how she bought a bra with a twisted strap. see the motif? (that would be the recurring image or theme in literature… if you didnt know or arent a literary snob like me)

so i came upstairs to my room to take a nap after the party was over and the girls all left, but instead i find myself reflecting on being 12 and on the brink of all the things that happen at that age.  i can’t say i’m that excited for her.  it’s rough.  in a word, it SUCKS.  but there are moments of awesome too i guess thrown in for good measure.

i think sh’ell have an easier time than me in some ways.  for one thing, she’s smarter than me.  and for another, she is almost my height already and will probably grow for a little bit longer.  so smart and tall isn’t such a bad way to go through life.

but seriously, there are lots of things i want to tell her and warn her about and teach her.  but i mostly just smile and listen to her stories and give her practical advice about doing her hair or how to sew a bra strap on.  i’m just glad i’m around enough to get into the big stuff some other day.


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