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you’re in the navy now, son

we had the pleasure of heading off to norfolk today with The Salvation Army Day Camp and boarding the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier. we got to walk around and see the control room and the flight deck and the tower.  the kids were able to steer the ship (ok not really) and sit in the captain’s chair.  all very fun and picturesque moments. and if i wasn’t trying to keep kids entertained and in line and take turns and make sure no one ran off and also adequately flirt with the cute tour guide, i would have taken some pictures to show you.

but i managed to snap a couple and will post them tomorrow.  i really was struck by how well behaved my group was today. i hung out with the youngest group, ages 5 and 6, and it was hard work for them, marching up and down the steps and walking all over the deck.  and they were troopers.  they started whining a bit by the end, but even i was a bit tired and thirsty by then, and welcomed the chance to sit down. but it was a fun trip and i’m glad i went. it sure beat editing and sending board meeting minutes!

i have to say that my respect for the military has grown in the past few years. i have never particularly had any great fondness for the concept as a whole.  any one who has known me at all for the past, oh, 20 years of my life knows this.  i hate the fact that countries go to war, that people kill each other to make a point, and that billions of dollars are spent on creating and maintaining multitudes of ways to destroy human beings and their entire civilizations.

but i understand it and i do give people credit for sacrificing their lives day in and day out to protect us and to give me the right to feel that way about our stupid country without being hauled off to jail and flogged mercilessly before having my eyelids scraped off and my body set on fire while still alive.  which i hear happens in some countries.

all that said, this week is “battle royale” week at the Salvation Army.  we are making flags and writing letters to a soldier we “adopted” (our accountant’s son in the marines now serving in afghanistan).  yesterday, i taught them the story of gideon in the Bible who went to war against tens of thousands of men with just 300 men.  the original “300” btw, as the spartan/persian one was about 480 BC and this israelite/midianite one was about 1212 bc. and in this story, the 300 won.

tomorrow we’ll learn about joshua and the battle of jericho which is also a great battle story where the people of israel marched around the whole city and then blew their trumpets and the walls of the city came crashing down.  and then on thursday we’ll talk about david and goliath and of course i’m going to show them the veggie tales version because it’s hilarious.

anyway, thanks to the USS Roosevelt crew for putting up with 70+ kids stomping up and down your narrow stairwells. GO NAVY!

USS Roosevelt at sea


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