random robin

the boys are back in town

the fife and drum boys that is.

so i had the distinctive honor of being invited to the colonial williamsburg fife and drum 50th anniversary banquet.  i had no idea the sense of history, comraderie, and dedication these guys had. (well, historically guys, but they do let girls in recently. but i generally say guys referring to any group of people… but i digress. thus the parenthesis.)

my friend oliver grew up in williamsburg – i met him in denver, colorado.  at first blush, they may seem similar.  both really kinda “small town” and fairly slow.  then again, i had come from LA and before that NYC.  so my pace meter may have been weighted on the fast side for most of my life.

anyway, it was great fun to listen to the stories of oliver’s youth and hear the guys talk about all the dumb situations into which they got themselves.  i particularly liked the story of being taught how to march in a straight line. the instructor threw a rock, i’m guessing to make a point that the lines should be straight, but he missed the empty space and nailed oliver’s chin instead.  i’m sorry but i laughed at the image. 

the speeches were on the long side, but all in all it was just a great testament to the vision and dedication of those who worked hard to make the CW fife and drums such an important institution and vital part of the colonial experience.  the way people respond to the music and the marching is really quite inspirational.  like one of the speeches pointed out, the sound of the fife and drum is one representation of our freedom and what it means to be American. just by hearing them, you feel a little prouder. and it really was impressive how many alumni came back for this weekend – the 4th and the 50th anniversary and all the festivities.  you could tell the guys were all soaking up the nostalgia and reverie big time.

the food wasnt so great and the salmon was overcooked to the point where i didnt even finish it. and you know that’s bad. i love salmon.  but the rest of the evening was really quite nice and it even rained on our way back to the car and out to paul’s deli.  apparently it is the happening spot. i had no idea.

anyway, here’s to another 50 years. maybe i’ll see you then too.


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