random robin

happy birthday marc chagall!

marc chagall was a brilliant artist whose work always intrigued me. i was first introduced to his art by a short-lived band called “chagall guevara” – a tribute to him and to che guevara. the band was pretty good but as i said, short-lived. they had a few songs that are still some of my favorites to this day.

anyway, here is my favorite painting of chagall’s – it is the ceiling mural in the paris opera house which i got to see when i visited paris a few years ago. it is beautiful and breathtaking in person. especially surrounding the infamous chandelier, aka the phantom of the opera chandelier.

chagall passed on several years ago now, but his work is unmistakable in its style and use of color.  as a jewish artist, he did quite a bit of reflection on religious themes and depicting many stories from the Torah, and later even the life of Christ.

when discussing his work, he was quoted as saying, “Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things I love.”  a great way to live if you ask me…


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