random robin

this is totally me this weekend…

except i’m not that tall and i wouldn’t wear a pink bikini if you paid me. well, i guess it depends on how much we’re talking…

anyway, i have been so stressed the past couple weeks, it’s not even funny. there have been a lot of things going on in nearly every aspect of my life. while i’ve had some really great things and totally unexpected, but much appreciated, things happening too, i just feel a bit tapped out lately – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically.

so this weekend, i am planning to have a really quiet, relaxing, no stress zone – i will hopefully live in the pool (weather permitting of course) and will completely ignore any and all drama. even if it’s standing in front of me holding a bottle of wine… no drama! is everyone listening???!!! ^_^

so here’s to the weekend!
catch you on the flip side.

ps. today is my parents’ anniversary.  44 years and counting.  pretty cool if you ask me. love you Dad and Mom!!!

my oldest brother, tim, mom, and dad


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