random robin

mission accomplished!

so this weekend was mostly relaxing with about ten minutes worth of drama, mostly self-inflicted inner turmoil.  but that passed fairly harmlessly, and i was quickly distracted by other things…
i spent most of the two days catching up with emails and then playing through some music i just got.  i also went through my family’s old records – looking for the hobbit which i swear we had as kids, but can’t seem to locate at the moment. i have to ask my brothers now.
if/when i have children, i’m going to have them listen to stories on vinyl.  because it’s cool and it helps their imaginations.  watching tv or a movie does everything for them and i think our brains need all the motivation we can get.  reading or just hearing a story makes you work that much harder.  i also plan on listening to old radio shows as a family.  they were pretty cool too.  and of course my kids will be musicians before they even learn to do more trivial things like talk or wipe their own butts.  haha.

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