random robin

a year and a day

so it occurred to me the other day that i have been in the ‘Burg for one year.  i came out here on the evening of july 13, 2007.  it seems like yesterday – it also seems like 5 years ago alternately. a lot has happened and much has stayed the same.  i’ve met some people and i’ve forgotten some others.  i gained great friends, and i have lost touch with a few.  i have disappointed and i have amazed.  my life has gone in circles, but it has also pivoted and elevated, like a spiral.  i am free but chained.  enslaved to hope and fear, to love and apathy, to strength and weakness, to peace and to longing.
only by grace do i stand at all. and it’s in Perfect Grace, that i have learned to fall and get back up again.  i had no idea what this past year would look like. i am still largely unsure of what it did look like, even in reflection.  but i know i am exactly where i need to be, because here i am.  i believe that.  and i am content to be here, knowing around every corner there is something new to experience and learn and savor. it’s gonna be another good year, i have no doubt.

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