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another oldie but goodie

i played for a memorial service today at my church.  it is never easy.  it was sudden in the sense that she hadn’t been chronically sick and she wasn’t that high in years.  most of the church knew her well and she was well loved.  her husband is a very dear and kind man and my heart hurts for him and her family.  as christians, we believe she is in heaven with God and there is comfort in that.  but as humans, we grieve and miss her daily presence.

anyway, a woman sang the song the new 23rd by ralph carmichael.  i haven’t heard that song in a very long time. it was written in 1969 and i must have heard it a few times growing up in the 70s.  it has a very distinct 70s kinda melody, but it still is a pretty song.  and there is nothing like picturing myself as a little lamb held in the arms of an almighty and good Shepherd, protecting and watching me with every step of the way. 

may grace and peace abound… it is all we have to get through the day.  live for every moment and do all you can for those you love at every chance you get.  God bless you all.
~in loving memory of Nancy Barr and Sandy Deichler~


2 thoughts on “another oldie but goodie

  1. Its almost frightening how thoughtful and thought provoking you are. Bet that scares a lot of fellas away 😉

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