random robin

i said a boom chicka boom

it’s a kids’ song. i SWEAR!!!

so working with the kids at day camp has been way too much fun.  these kids teach me as much, if not more, than i will ever teach them, and they remind me of all the simple pleasures of life.  like how they can listen to one song over and over and over and over again.  you could let this annoy you or you can get over yourself and enjoy the energy these kids have in totally living in the moment.

one little girl was crying this morning and i asked her what was wrong.  another girl said “she’s having a bad hair day.” and i asked the crying girl if that was true and she started sobbing more and said, “I HATE MY HAIR” it was heartbreaking.  i mean if it wasn’t funny.  i said, oh honey, your hair can be changed if you want. let me see it.  it wasnt that bad.  it wasn’t that great.  but it made me remember how we let these things get to us and ruin our day.  i told her she was still beautiful and that this too shall pass. and i reminded her how hair grows back and life goes on. she smiled even though i knew it only went so far into her head before she thought, but my hair is ugly NOW.  yeah, i hear ya, girl. i hear ya.

but later we sang a really fun praise song and i caught her laughing and clapping.  and she really was beautiful.

now if i can only get that silly boom chicka boom song out of my head!!!!!


2 thoughts on “i said a boom chicka boom

  1. And you thought you could get that song out of your head by placing in the heads of all those who read this? Gee, thanks alot! 😉

    The pure energy and innocence of children is amazing, and I think it really sucks that we end up teaching them such stupid things… like hating their hair.

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