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who me? couldnt be!

and now, a non-comic book geek post…

so I was contacted by an online magazine to write a column on dating as a 30-something SINK (that stands for Single Income No Kids, for those not hip to the terminology.)

anyway, after i stopped laughing, i said, no thanks.  you’re probably wondering why, so i’ll tell you. 

for one thing, i get into enough trouble with stuff i write on this blog.  certain people read something and think it’s about them, and sometimes it is, and thus the trouble.  and sometimes i think certain people get intimidated by how amazingly smart and “together” i am… ahahahaha.  got everyone fooled, yo!

but seriously, i dont know what i’m doing.  and for another thing, i dont actually DATE. i mean really, i cant think of the last time i was on a real live actual DATE.  i mean i meet men and i “hang out” with them and i have meaningful interactions without actually exchanging any bodily fluids for the most part. so does that qualify as a “date?” i’d say no.  it isn’t.

call me old-fashioned but there is something to be said for a guy actually inviting to go spend time with him, picking you up, paying for everything, and driving you home again. oh and walking you to the front door and kissing you, on the cheek, good night. haha.  yeah, i’m gonna be a spinster.

ok, i have to take my earlier statement back. i did have a date recently by my own definition. sorta.  see it’s always complicated.  but is that my fault? yes. a qualified yes, but yes nonetheless.  i can blame it on this “day and age” or how messed up most of us single folk are about the concepts of chivalry and courtship. i mean yes it’s nice for a man to do certain things like open my car door first or pull out my chair (not from under me), but would i write someone off for NOT doing those things if everything else is wonderful?

i could tell you but i havent found that man yet.  and i guess writing a column about it won’t help.  at least i dont think it would.  did it work for carrie bradshaw/aka sex in the city girl?  i’d say no.  she ended up with a philandering lying cheating you-know-what.  so that doesnt really make me jump at the chance to writen about my dating life …

but i might change my mind. we SINKs are allowed to do that.


One thought on “who me? couldnt be!

  1. i think you might be retarded. but what do I know 😉

    write the column. your eyes are so wide open and you’re so wise (did I use your and you’re correctly? sometimes my head hurts!), the people who don’t read your blog would benefit.

    notice i’m copying your writing style with no capitals. if you don’t write the article, i’m going to do it for you.

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