random robin

D-crats in D-town

i SO wish i was in denver right now for the next month.  the democratic national convention (aka the circus) has taken over the city. it would be a blast to watch and to rub elbows with all the political pundits and wannabes.  the air must be electric out there.

i’m not much for politics on the whole. sure i have a ton of opinions and i always vote – except when i dont. (i know, i know… so sue me.) i do try to read through all the hoopla and follow the arguments and ideologies and such.  but honestly, i refuse to get that heated about it because in my mind, i think we need to be so much more focused on the local level than we are and if every local area really truly took care of itself, the country would be a little better off. i’m not into the large scale and the federal level, but i do enjoy my freedoms.  i have no idea what i’m trying to say at the moment but that’s why i am not in politics. i get all distracted.

in the meantime, i kinda wish i still had my apartment out there so i could sublet it for like $1000 a week.  well, i couldn’t legally. but i would have tried. 

boy, i just realized now i really miss capitol hill 😦

Benders Tavern should have a debate! haha


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