random robin

it’s 8-8-8

ain’t it great?

so this is quite the auspicious day.  china is getting ready to bomb us as we speak. errr i mean, they are getting ready to start the olympics.  yeah, that’s what i meant.

8 is a lucky number in some cultures.  it is the sign of infinity sorta – if you’re like high and/or currently horizontal.  it is also the number beyond the perfect number, aka 7.  i dont know who decided 7 was perfect, but someone did. and i’m sure one of you will know why. so i’m not gonna bother researching it. so in theory, 8 is beyond “time” (such as 7 days in a week) and thus the symbol similar to infinity.  also, 8 is an octave in music and therefore the completion of a pattern.  some equate 8 with balance and structure which is reflected in the symbol itself.

i am on the verge of blowing my own mind.

anyway, so if something terrible happens, let me just say that i love you all and i miss you and if we ever get attacked by zombies, and you turn, i’m gonna have to blow your head off. but i still love you.

and to CC the birthday boy… love you miss you!! xoxo

eight on eight

8 things i love:

  1. music
  2. a well developed story
  3. emails
  4. funny comics
  5. batman
  6. falling asleep
  7. ice cream
  8. hope

8 books i’ve read recently:

  1. killing time – caleb carr (havent finished it yet)
  2. come and play oakey – jillian harker (it’s a cute kids’ book)
  3. the last templar – raymond khoury
  4. hannibal rising – thomas harris
  5. the beach house – james patterson
  6. the gospel according to jesus – john macarthur
  7. guide to life – dave barry (hilarious btw)
  8. abraham lincoln: redeemer president – allen guelzo (it’s taking me awhile to get through it)

8 movies i’ve seen recently:

  1. the dark knight
  2. the others (it was on tv)
  3. indiana jones and the crystal skulls
  4. hannibal rising
  5. chicken little (again it was on tv)
  6. king arthur
  7. entire second season of rome (not technically a movie but better)
  8. there will be blood (i didnt finish it yet. fell asleep!)

8 things i want to do this year:

  1. visit NYC
  2. visit denver
  3. find an apartment
  4. finish writing my book
  5. get a new car
  6. reconnect with old friends
  7. deepen relationships with “new” friends
  8. finish well

8 things i say often:

  1. what?! (mostly to Mike)
  2. like
  3. yes sure i can (too often)
  4. dude
  5. awesome (usually with “like” in front of it)
  6. totally (also with “like” in front it… you’d think i was from california!)
  7. it is what it is 🙂
  8. you’re a dork (also mostly to Mike)

8 songs on my ipod:

  1. ramble on – led zeppelin
  2. dark is easy – lo fidelity allstars
  3. midnight ravers – john brown’s body
  4. i’ve always loved you – third day
  5. the exit parade – everything absent or distorted
  6. fidelity – regina spektor
  7. wild international – one day as a lion (zack de la rocha’s project with drummer from mars volta… they rock!)
  8. dare you to move – switchfoot

8 things i look for in a friend:

  1. makes me laugh
  2. can have fun doing practically anything
  3. focuses on positives
  4. has a sense of purpose
  5. trustworthy
  6. transparent
  7. has a lot of interests
  8. talent is good, not necessary, but having some music ability i’ll relate to them better

8 places i’ve visited:

  1. france – all over toulouse-latrec, paris, some caves somewhere on the border of spain
  2. barcelona
  3. jamaica
  4. san diego
  5. seattle
  6. chicago
  7. boston/ bahston
  8. orlando (cant wait to go to disney again!!!)



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