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the Tears of Saint Lawrence

aka the Perseid Meteor Shower, reach their peak at moonset on August 12th meaning soonish.  at least for us east coasters.  more on that in a minute.

there’s a line from a song by chagall guevara that i always think of … “When did you last look up in the sky / Really look at the sky and wonder?” of course the song is about the end of the world and how it’s all falling apart, but it’s a nice line. 

i dont know from stars.  i can sorta pick out the big and lil dippers and sometimes orion’s belt, though i’m still not sold on what it’s supposed to depict. i remember the first time someone tried to show me Leo and i just laughed at him and asked what the dude was on who “discovered” that one.  and can i have some.

so anyway, the story of Saint Lawrence goes something like he was one of the church’s first “deacons” in that he served the needy and became a martyr when he was literally grilled to death on an open iron stove.  he has since been made the patron saint of chefs. those wacky catholics.  his death was on august 10th which is around the same time the perseid meteors are at their peak. so someone decided to call the meteor showers the “tears of St lawrence.”  ain’t that special?

and finally, here’s a cool graphic from wikimedia.org depicting the Leo thing.
so you can laugh… like i am… =o)

Leo constellation
Leo constellation

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