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love life

not THAT love life… i mean the verb – love.

the pastor of my church  is doing a series on the ten commandments and recently it was on thou shalt not murder. or to quote the sopranos version of the Bible, dont wack nobody.

it seems on the surface that this is the “easy” command by a long stretch.  of course i wont murder anyone. duh! but we know, because Jesus decided to layer the issue, that it goes deeper than the actual physical taking of life.  it also incorporates the emotional/mental taking of life, beginning with the rage and deep-seated hostility we may feel toward others.  it also also includes the distinctly opposite IN-action of not caring profoundly about life, specifically other people’s lives.

this made me think about how “in love” i really am with other people’s lives.  i mean we tend to be fairly self-centered people and think about only our own day, our own agendas, our own pains and sorrows, our own joys and successes, our own blog entries.  we may feel a connection to other people’s but only in relation to our own. 

but how much do i really affirm the lives of other people and ensure that it continues and that it continues well?  how much of my time and energies do i proactively concentrate on the benefit of others, in contributing to their abundance of life?

this also made me think of the first recorded murder of cain and abel.  now as you may know the part of the story where basically cain disobeyed God and didnt sacrifice the best parts where abel did.  and cain became jealous of the favor that abel received from God, even though cain could have gotten the same.  jealousy is often the root of hostility and hatred toward others, if we take an honest look at it.  and cain was actually given a course of action to take by God Himself, but he chose to ignore it and remove what he THOUGHT was the problem, namely his brother, instead of what the real problem was, namely his pride. i can relate – i have often wanted to kill my brothers. hahaha. no no no!!! i’m just kidding!!!!

but seriously, i find it truly amazing how God is faithful to us even in the middle of our wickedness and disobedience.  how He is so in love with us and watches over us and guides us even when we resist Him. so how can we not take care of His people? how can we not be THAT much in love with each other?  that we choose life and that we are doing all we can to uphold it for all of us?

so our charge is not just to “not take life” but to “give” it in the ways that we are able.  to uphold it, cherish, enable it, grow it, assist it, and ultimately LOVE it, for ourselves and for those around us. so i urge you, dear readers, fall in love, really truly in love, with someone else’s life today…



One thought on “love life

  1. Dude, like, this is so well written. I try daily to take a little time to affirm the life of someone else, to seek out the good in others and point it out… to catch someone at their best… as it may be.

    Its funny how sometimes (possibly most times) their reaction is “OK, what do you want from me?!” Actually, that’s kinda sad… not believing that someone could actually care just to because, with no expectation of a return on that investment.

    But we must persist 🙂

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