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another summer weekend

So my weekend was really a mixed bag, filled with great friends, good food, awesome music, and surprises.

Friday night I had a wedding rehearsal for my friends Preston and Sarah. I met Preston through church when they had started a ministry to international students attending William and Mary. He has a really great spirit and compassion for others, driven to reach people with the love of God and really is quite impressive for such a young man. Sarah is also a very sweet and kind person who I am glad I have gotten to know better over the past few months. We will miss them as he is starting seminary near Boston in a few weeks. I’m very excited for them and all they will experience in their new life together. I am confident they will do great things.

During the rehearsal dinner, I had the privilege of meeting a friend of theirs from W&M. Tyler was a really interesting guy with a lot of good ideas and had just returned from a summer in Japan, learning the language and reaching out to college students. It’s always so inspiring to meet people fresh out of college and just full of energy and excitement about life and accomplishing good things. I often forget how that felt.

Saturday’s wedding went off without any hitches and everyone seemed to have a great time. I got to play El Shaddai by the couple’s request, and since it’s one of my favorite songs to do, I was happy to do it.

Following a lovely reception, I rushed out and grabbed my bathing suit and a towel to head down to the beach. But I should have taken my time because I got stuck in traffic for almost THREE HOURS!! I was supposed to meet some friends for dinner but that didn’t happen.

So I ended up going straight to The Jewish Mother where my friend Dale was going to meet me for a show with John Brown’s Body a reggae/ska band. JBB has changed quite a bit over the years I’ve been familiar with them, and pretty much only the lead singer has stayed the same as far as the band’s personnel. They put on a fun show, though you can’t help but notice how young and how white the new people are :p

After explaining to the guy at the door that my friend has my ticket and he is MIA, they let me sit at the bar and at least order some food. I had called his phone and a friend answered to say that Dale had left the phone at a restaurant and his friend picked it up.

Now I have a lot of stories of being various places alone which don’t have such happy endings. Like passing out in the middle of a crowd and ending up in some random dude’s car. Not from drinking in case any one is thinking that. Just from heat and from being slightly claustrophobic.

For those who aren’t claustrophobic… try facing a wall and kneel down with your head about 2 inches away. And see how long you can just face the wall without wanting to cry or vomit. That’s pretty much my life at shows. And most people aren’t particularly thoughtful of short people. Sometimes you do find someone who will let you sneak in front of them. But most of the time, not so much. That’s why it’s nice to have a man with you who will look out for you and make sure you get out ok.

Anyway, I finally went to go find Dale who was home passed out cold with his front door wide open and a very jumpy dog who needed to go out desperately. He had forgotten about the show and didn’t even know he was missing his cell phone. Long story short, we end up back at Jewish Mother – this time with tickets – and enjoyed the rest of the set. I also got a call from my BFF in there somewhere and heard a funny story about a friend who weighs 80… cents… hahahaha – that still makes me lol.

Not having enough music in our system, we walked over to Murphy’s where a few guys were singing and I requested that the Irish troubadour sing my favorite Irish song. I think he was just impressed that I even knew that song, so he did it. Fields of Athenry – a heartbreaking song about the potato famine and a young couple with a beautiful tune. It also has fun “call outs” that IRA supporters shout out. The singer was really impressed that I knew those too. I love being Irish!

Sunday morning I woke up at about 9am because someone texted me and I haven’t changed the text ringer from the incredibly annoying sound it is on. I thought that was odd because most people know better than to try to get me on Sunday mornings – mostly because I am normally actually in church. And then I saw who it was and thought “weird.” And then I started going through my texts from the night before and started to crack up. Wow. I don’t remember those AT ALL. Good grief. I decided I would shoot him an email later that night when I got home, but he jumped the gun and called me that afternoon just to make sure I was ok. More on that another time…

I met friends at brunch at Doc Taylor’s, apparently a very popular place with the locals. We waited over an hour for a table. Of course that’s partly because there were 9 of us. But it was worth it. The patio was lovely and the breakfast was good. I have to say not the best ever, but not expensive and it was nice to catch up with some friends and meet some new ones.

I had planned to spend the day at the beach working on my wacky tan lines. Everyone pretty much makes fun of my tan lines, but it happens every year. I don’t lay out as a general rule, so the times I do it’s because I’m dead tired and I end up falling asleep in strange positions and thus create strange lines. However, the sun was not cooperating yesterday and offered no help at all to fix the random pattern on my skin. But it was still a beautiful day – not too hot with a lovely ocean breeze. Dale, Al, and I laid out for about 2 hours and just talked about anything and everything. Turns out Al lived in New York not far from me and by the end of the day, I was talking like a New Yorker again. I mean tawkin.

I meant to leave VB around 6, but 6 came and went, and Al and I grabbed dinner and a drink at Mahi Mah’s – a place I hadn’t been yet but kept hearing about. We had a really interesting and fairly extensive conversation covering everything from politics to marriage to travelling to blondes. And there was a live band just outside – sounded pretty much like a wedding reception band, complete with a Brick house cover. They were fun. Music is like the air I breathe, yo! 😉

So by the time I was back on 64 heading north, aka West, it was about 830 and I stopped for cawffee… I mean coffee. I got home about 10pm and checked my email and went to bed. I’d say the perfect summer weekend more or less.

Life is good.


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