random robin

new look and new features

i like new 🙂

so first, the template changed and i really like the color. at least the color i’m looking at, as i’m sure your screen may be slightly different than mine.  i also like the layout. i think it looks neat-o.

secondly, i changed some of the things on the right-hand column. in the wordpress world, they’re called “widgets.” maybe in other blog worlds too, i really don’t know nor do i care enough to explore. 

so i added two “about me” pages – one that is a list of top five blogs to read. there’s also a search box which is great fun and so useful when i’m trying to remember what in the world i said about such-and-such topic before.  so i dont contradict myself.  well, without good reason.

i also added a few people to the blogroll who i deem worthy, more or less. haha.

i also also started updating my tags. this takes for-EV-ER!! it’s painstakingly slow, so you’ll probably notice (if you are even paying any attention) that the topic count will go up for each tag as time goes by.  when i first started blogging, we didn’t have tags and all the newfangled technology to keep track of that.  we had to do it manually, and therefore i did not.  back in my day, we walked 50 miles to school. in the pouring rain and through the woods… while they were on fire!!!

anyway, i have noticed a lot more traffic on my site in the past two months, so i figured it was time for an overhaul.  plus, as my friends know, i get really bored with sameness! ^_^



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