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liar liar pants on fire

“thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor”

our sermon series at church covered the 9th commandment yesterday.  wow i have so much going through my head on this one. it was hard to get it all organized.

there are many ways we break this commandment all the time. deceitfulness is a root cause in our hearts – starting from the time adam and eve were tricked and decided to blame others for their failure to obey.  deceitfulness is lying – there is no way around that.  we lie every time we “fudge” the truth or intentionally leave out pertinent information or embellish something about ourselves, our situation, our connections, our lives, etc.

why DO we lie anyway? why do we feel we “need” to do it?  when i think back on the times i have lied in both big and small ways, it almost always comes back to regret for doing or not doing something, covering over what i think are my shortcomings, and/or wanting an outcome that i don’t believe will come about honestly. 

with that last thing, it comes down to trusting Providence.  does God ever take time off? does He ever change a situation to make it something that goes against His nature… He promised us we would never be tempted beyond what we can handle.  He promised us that He would make our paths straight.  He promised He would never flood the whole earth again.  You get the picture.  So bending the truth or purposely deceiving in any situation is a failure on our parts to trust that He is still in control of the outcome and can put all the pieces together, no matter how badly we have screwed them up.

As for regretting and covering our sins, well… if you’re in a pit, digging down probably isn’t the best way to go, and continuing to lie to cover over whatever choices we have made is a lot like digging deeper.  the times i have lied to people i care about usually center around my selfishness, my pride, and my failure to do the right thing.  no, i didnt get drunk that night. of course i didnt go home with that guy.  and no i didnt hear back from that woman, because honestly i never called her, but i said i was going to a hundred times already.  the point is that when we lie or twist the truth, we are bearing false witness against others and ourselves.  we are manipulating a situation or trying to make ourselves look better than we really truly are. (and of course the bigger question is why are you doing these things you are then lying about doing? but that’s another blog for another day.)

in this modern era, Truth becomes mushy.  modernists have infiltrated our thinking with there is no “truth” and that your own reality supercedes any one else’s reality.  so what i say about myself has more merit than what others may say about me, unless of course what they say makes me look even better 😉 but when we face ourselves in light of God’s Word and His Truth, well, that gets pretty grim. 

i have a few friends i’m thinking about right now who have such delusional thinking about what is real and who they are, that it becomes tricky to even know how to relate to them.  speaking the truth in love sounds all well and good, but living that out is not easy by far. 

and of course there’s the whole “take the plank out of your own eye” and all that.  so i tend to reserve my opinions and stop trying to help anyone see anything about anything.  i have come to find that when someone is seeking after truth and goodness and REAL life, they will find it. what they do with it is really up to them. 

like the pastor quoted winston churchill saying, “Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most times he will pick himself up and continue on.” this is not good.  you need to pick up the truth and absorb it into your soul.  you need to EAT it, digest it and use the nutrients for your life. being faced with the Truth about yourself and your world, and then running from it, is only begging for heartache, pain, and failure. and yes, God will use all those things to break us down and mold us. but it would be nice to learn some lessons the easy way for a change.


2 thoughts on “liar liar pants on fire

  1. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!! Ok, I had to say it 😉

    Now, here’s my real comment.

    I have my own theory about why people are deluded about how they live (a.k.a living a lie). And that would be: Living in the truth of who you are is difficult and frightening.

    I don’t know many people who are actually looking to live the life that God has given them… that real Purpose. A lot of people say it… I think a lot of people know what it is they’re supposed to do… thing is that life is never easy. It’s always a challenge. And, well, who wants to be constantly challenged?

    We do live in this “new age” BS society where it seems nothing is “wrong”. It seems almost impossible to get people to see that… and to live above the norm.

    But I can tell you one thing for sure – choose that life of truth, and it will be more rewarding and fulfilling than anything else you can imagine.

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