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nostalgic headache

i’ve been replaying the past in my mind for awhile now.  it’s been set up months ago by the influx of people from various parts of my life resurfacing on Facebook.  the neat thing (and simultaneously horrifying thing) is that when one person from a certain time period finds you, all the people from that time period find you.  it’s a miracle and joy to behold.

no, i’m not sarcastic. much.

i was searching for 2 specific pictures that i was recently remembering.  when my brother Danny went to college he met a guy named Tim Brotzman who was another adopted Korean (as far as I know still is) and I thought that was pretty cool. I had known a few in my life up to that point and I knew as a general fact that there were a lot of us out there. But it was cool to see one… like when you get to actually see a zebra in the zoo.  it’s ok to read about in books or see one on TV, but to get to watch one eating and running around. hahaha you know what i mean.

anyway, there was a picture of us taken I don’t know where and I’m not entirely sure when.  I remember thinking at the time, and I was about 13 then, that we had the same nose.  And this set me off to thinking, hey, I wonder if we’re blood-related, the odds of this being astronomical of course.  But it makes me smile now.

The other picture was from the same range of time – Danny’s college years – this one taken at the end of their senior year. Another friend and roommate of my brother’s, Graham Smith.  Now Graham and I do NOT have the same nose and we are not blood-related as far as I can tell. But the significance of the picture to me is, looking back, he was one of the first guys I knew who had conversations about poetry and writing and philosophy, etc, which would inform and set a pattern for my dating history from college on. I was always drawn to the intellectual thinker who could spend hours debating the meaning of one paragraph or a line or a single thought. With just a touch of melancholy and hermit-like behaviors. Lol… That’s right, G, you influenced the debacle that is my single life. Aren’t you touched? 😉

It’s funny how you can look back at pictures and some you remember instantly where you were, who was there with you, even what you were thinking at the time and maybe what you had for lunch.  You know, that whole Proustian madeleine thing.  Then other pictures are a complete blur. I have no recollection of when that happened or who else is in the picture or what on earth made me wear that dress. Well I usually just blame it on my mom.

It’s been fun looking back and pointing fingers for the mistakes of my life.  Haha.  Maybe I don’t need therapy after all.  Just a photo album, a scanner, and a blog.  A lot cheaper and way more fun. Plus you all get to participate! Good times.



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