random robin

morning calm

not to be a blatant plaigiarist of someone else’s work, (and that spider is so much scarier and therefore cooler) i found a boring run-of-the-mill brown spider on my shoe. i said “good morning” and he said, “where’s my coffee, woman!?”

mr. cranky
mr. cranky

This has been a long week. quite possibly the worst week of the year.  I can’t even begin to explain how wrong everything has been and how lost I feel about it all.  I know I’ll move on and if I truly believe in the meaning of life and what we are here for, I will trust that there is another place for me and my next job will be better and even more fulfilling than this one once was.

In the meantime, I’m talking to spiders.

And for the record, I released Mr. Cranky into the wild. well, into the backyard anyway.  I thought about making him a little snack for the journey, but instead I bid him fare well and he just walked off. No goodbye, no see you later, no nothing.


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