random robin

have a great trip – see ya next fall

these are the jokes people. you get what you pay for, know what i’m sayin?

so i feel kinda funny not going any where for holidays the past year.  it’s kinda the exact reverse of most of my adult life.  i’m not sure if this can be considered progress or what. i’m gonna go with what.

i have trips in mind, but it’s all in the crapper right now because of my umemployment status at the moment. nothing on the horizon in any concrete sense, though there’s always flipping burgers. one up side to that would be i probably would never touch a french fry again. and anyone who knows me knows my biggest temptation in life is … no, not that… i meant french fries!!

but at the end of the day, it’s nice to sit at the kitchen table across from your parents and talk about life stuff. i dont knock it. i just have this inherent wanderlust firmly rooted in my organics of my soul.

huh organic soul… that’s a concept i have to go research now. too bad gs isn’t around to chime in on that one.

anyway, i do wish everyone safe travels and Godspeed and pleasant journeys etc etc.

and today’s ninja picture is quite apropos…



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