random robin

today and after


thank-you-2To all my dear friends and family,

I thank you today.  I thank you for your love and support, for the times you listen, for the times you don’t. i thank you for the hugs when I need them and for the moments you could have given me what I need and didn’t.  I thank you for the well wishes and for completely forgetting me altogether.  I thank you for heartfelt encouragement and for the empty promises. For the times I really love your very presence next to me, and for the times I want to smack you upside the head.

 Because it’s in the wholeness of all these times and all these moments that I have learned and grown and been challenged and energized – to be better and stronger, to yearn and mourn, to feel heartache and sorrow.  It’s in these relationships – the to and fro, the push and pull, the gain and loss – that we truly learn to live and be all that which makes us human and ultimately, remind us how much we need each other.  And anything that drives us closer to deeper understanding and truer communion together makes me thankful. Never forget, we are in this together, for today and all days after.  And I am thankful for such companions as you.

So walk with me for just awhile
and we’ll see what we can see…

With love and gratitude,


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