random robin

A year ago

This is probably the first of many such posts though I will try not to do too much reflection/introspection as to make anyone nauseous. (Why do I never spell that word correctly on the first try? too many vowels I guess)

Anyway, I realized this morning when a friend sent me a msg that I had met him exactly one year ago today.  This made me smile because he is one of those guys I really like knowing is around, well about 6 hours “around” (I have a knack for finding great guys who move far away shortly after I meet them. Not sure how to take this…)

This time last year was the Grand Illumination, a very lovely Colonial Williamsburg tradition which I attended with some newly made friends and discovered a newfound appreciation for fife and drums. I don’t know why, but this event really gets me into the Christmas spirit. It has precious little to do with anything Christmas, but hey, tradition is tradition right? And I plan to enjoy it again this Sunday with some more newly made friends.

So much happens in a year, and yet so little. It’s amazing to me that I get to this time every year and think, everything changed this year and nothing changed. Life is full of these little paradoxes. At least for me I guess.  I hear stuff that other people have going on and I think, huh, I guess it’s just me. And guess what – I’m totally ok with that.  More on that another time.

In the meantime, my friend Carol just found this picture of me and Danny so I had to post it here. I was 15 or 16 in this, not quite sure, so he was 20 or 21.  Remember, it was the 80s, so the gap was a big deal. oh and those shoes, I firmly assert, indicate we were bowling at the time…



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