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christians make me crazy rant

I’m going to say some really harsh thing here, so I just ask you, if you care about me at all, stick with me here… and even if you don’t give a hoot about me, I will still care about you. So there :p

There are certain things that Christians (and I realize this is a very broad-sweeping generalization) do to make me absolutely bat#$%* CRAZY!!! Sorry for the language, but that’s just how crazy it makes me when self-righteous people start spouting off with no love or grace to be found a thousand miles around them.

The latest example of this was found on a website spouting off about Planned Parenthood’s announcement to sell gift certificates that clients can use in exchange for services and products in consultation with their health centers.  The link is at the bottom of this post. First of all, we all know of PP’s hate relationship with Christiandom and how they have become the penultimate face of evil in terms of sexuality in the right-wing world.  As a very liberal Christian (by some stretch of the word) I find this completely unfortunate not to mention irresponsible on the part of Christians as a whole.

In my mind, Planned Parenthood has taken on a much needed role in reaching today’s youth and young adults in a very complex issue, namely human sexuality.  Christians have taken it upon themselves to simplify the issue into yes or no categories and while I do know that is the “Biblical” stance and what should be encouraged as a general rule, I know in practice and in a place I like to call the REAL WORLD, we leave little to no room for SIN.  That’s right. We sin. I sin. You sin. We all sin. Surprise surprise.

Before I go further, I have to apologize for my sardonic tone. This is just a very touchy subject for me, and if I had to choose one single issue that caused me to turn my back on church and Christians in the first place, it would be this one.  I was faced with attitudes of scorn and disgust. “What? You’re not a virgin? You need to repent and recommit your life to Christ!” Well, duh! No kidding!!! Why else would I be in this stupid church with people like you to play Holy Spirit? I only came here to find a church that doesn’t treat people “like me” like a leper. Dont worry, I’ll be moving on now thanks.

I distinctly remember the first time I sat in a group of Christian women where I was completely honest and said nasty words like pregnancy and abortion and rape and lust, only to be met with blank stares and a quick change of topic.  I’ve had several better experiences with Christian groups since then, but I’m pointing this out so that those of you who have led your holy lives and have nothing to repent of can begin to understand even just a little bit.

So where does a “bad” girl go for answers, for help when she’s in trouble? She’s not going to mom and dad or to the family doctor. She sure as hell isn’t going to the pastor or his wife.  So she finds the place that will warmly accept her and tell her the truth.  She goes to Planned Parenthood where they talk openly about sex, about diseases and psychological issues.  They tell her what to think about before and after having sex and they even tell her to think about if she’s ready.  That’s right, they put the choice on the table for her to grapple with, not in black and white terms of yes or no.  Because when you are faced with the decision, it never looks anything but grey.  Some of you have no idea what that looks like.

So what ARE followers of Christ supposed to do with Planned Parenthood? Am I trying to say you should support them wholeheartedly and make nice with them?  Guess what?! YES I AM! What would happen if the Pro-Lifers suddenly shifted their stance and actually took the time to get to know the clients of the local PP?  To find out what really goes on there?  To sit and talk to these women and men who come through those doors and meet them where they are at?  Would it maybe, just maybe, look a little more like Jesus and the woman at the well? Or maybe Jesus calling out to Zacchaeus in the tree? Or maybe Jesus choosing 12 men who were the least likely candidates to do very much at all, mostly screwups and n’er-do-wells and total idiots?  Did He say “sin no more”? yes He did. But was that the FIRST thing He said?

I am not really going into abortion right now and maybe not ever on this blog. But I will say this, the more you criticize and alienate them, the less chance you have to get people to listen to you.  People who walk through the doors of a Planned Parenthood are broken, hurting, sinful people who desperately need hope and guidance and Grace. Sound familiar? It should. Because that’s YOU too.

Here’s the link… I really hope that Wordpress miraculously links back to this post because I’m not sure how to do it manually… I would feel honored to get some hate-comments 🙂



One thought on “christians make me crazy rant

  1. Hate to say it, but you’ve summed up why I follow my own religion of Scottism. Pretty much it entails following common sense, being good to people, and being the best person you can be – but according to your own definition of what a good person is. The leader of my cult … er I mean religion … is kind of a dumbass though, that’s really the only drawback.

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