random robin

think cute bunnies

I was asked to write something light and fuzzy today because I’ve been a bit of a downer lately. So here it is…

Tonight I will be going to a choir concert at William & Mary, directed by a dude who goes to our church. I’m sure it will be lovely. Tomorrow morning the fam will be going to the parade on DoG Street (that’s Duke of Gloucester for you nonlocals, haha) and then probably to Yorktown to check out their Christmas market.  I will not be wearing a bonnet or corset for that matter.  Saturday night I’m supposed to be going to a party with friends where everyone dresses up like Santa or elves or something or other.  And Sunday is the Grand Illumination with lots of fireworks and Fife and Drums.  Happy happy joy joy!!!

By Sunday night, I’ll want to continue my recent trend of fairly depressing movies to even it all out. I am a big fan of balance.  Have a nice weekend y’all! xo



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