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christians make me crazy rant #2



That’s right. I just posted that. 

Every time I see someone with a “Keep Christ in Christmas” t-shirt or bumper sticker or status msg on facebook, i want to smack them. Seriously. NO! it’s not “keeping” Christ in Christmas – HE IS CHRISTMAS. Duh!!! that’s like saying don’t forget to invite Robin to ROBIN’s BIRTHDAY PARTY.

all this other stuff we do on Christmas, NOT CHRISTMAS. Get it straight people. I mean really, Christians are the problem with the whole “forgetting” what Christmas is all about, because in all honesty y’all are MORE to blame than the people who don’t really give a crap about Jesus and are just celebrating a nice festive day for family and friends and warm fuzzy feelings.  THEY are celebrating whatever they want while YOU CHRISTIANS are allowing the entire “season” to become the commercialized nonsense it is.  And I say you are MORE at fault because you KNOW BETTER and you claim to believe it is something more, and yet your holiday looks pretty much like everyone else’s holiday.

What if, for just one year, the ENTIRE Christian family in all of this great US of A came together and said – stop the nonsense??? No more tree, no more gifts, no more wrapping paper, no more tinsel, no frickin ridiculous music boxes that play the same 5 carols over and over.  What if we collectively put it all away and LEFT IT THERE in their boxes – just for one year – and did something else, I don’t know, like PRAISE GOD ALL DAY.

i know i know, call me crazy. and maybe a hypocrite. hey, i like buying and receiving gifts as much as the next person.  I love the carolling and the ornaments and the egg nog (well, the rum).  but i’m not kidding myself in saying to others “keep Christ in Christmas” because that’s an insult to the One we celebrate.  none of that stuff IS Christmas, so there’s nothing to “keep” in it. so stop already. please. get real and do it right yourself before you go and judge everyone else for what they’re doing.  I know that’s asking alot because Christians sure have the market on judging. ok, that wasn’t very nice. but hey, I’m just one of you.

btw, here is an excellent article about “Christ-mass” from a secular point of view. read it if you have any ability to think critically. some of what you may see there is fairly harsh and not for the faint-of-heart or narrow-minded.  click at your own risk.

thanks for reading my rant, and God bless us everyone!!
(in spite of how dumb and confused and lost we tend to be)


probably my favorite poster, though all are good ones on there.


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