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i predict by dinner i wont even care

“Since I gave up hope, I feel a lot better (write it down)”
-Steve Taylor

I was a big Steve Taylor fan back in the day. I guess I still am because when I listen to his stuff I smile a lot. He was a visionary in many ways especially for us Christians who actually thought in any critical sense.  Then again, I don’t agree with him on everything but who does?  Makes life interesting.

Anyway, I was thinking today about predicting the future.  There are some who argue that prophesy in biblical terms is more about stating the current state of affairs with clarity and discernment and then making predictions about what will happen should a person/society continue as is.

I dabbled in tarot cards at one point. gasp! I did. The concept was interesting to me once I really even understood what they “do.” It isn’t so much that they have these magical (read Satanic) powers and if you use them you are demon possessed.  In fact, the way they work is mostly devoid of any “powers” and relies heavily on your own interpretation and level of awareness of yourself, your behaviors, your choices, your actions, and ultimately the path you are laying right now for your future, whether that be years from now, next week, or in about 10 minutes.

So in some ways, tarot cards are the use of a tangible tool to work through your thought process. it can be based on a current situation you find yourself in or help to understand a relationship you have.  some may point out that there is a mystical quality to it because the cards that are laid out must be telling you something and where does that “magic” come from? could it be… SATAN?!

Well no, actually. Again, it’s more relying on your understanding of yourself and the situation and people involved. It’s like dream interpretation.  There is no real “magic” to your dreams. The images are there from latent thoughts, images, experiences. The subconscious pushes to the fore and uncovers ideas that are already in your head and the dream structure (as loose as it is) conveys something to you.  Now you go and assign meaning to those things, and the meaning is more in the meaning you assign than any inherent meaning.  There are general principles and definitions that “experts” apply to certain images, ie alligators are assigned treachery and deceit, while horses are traditionally about strength and majesty.  But even in these, there is a lot of leeway.

Is everyone still with me here?

Now, I’m not necessarily espousing the use of tarot for anyone, including myself, to make any decisions or to try to predict what will happen. But with all the thoughts I’ve been having about my next projects in life, I do tend to rely on something more concrete for general guidance.  It’s why we have things like MyersBriggs or Riley Guides or the ASVAB (which btw was developed by the Dept of Defense probably to actually locate young people who could be secret agents or mercenaries… just think about it!)

So do those tools have any “magical” qualities to them? Are they “Satanic”? And why exactly do Christians jump on that bandwagon without really even knowing much about stuff? Sorry, trick question – I can’t really answer that and even if I could, I won’t because I’ve been doing a lot of Christian-bashing lately. Allegedly. lol

That said, there ARE a lot of quacks out there who would attribute much more to the tarot reading than I ever would and those people should be avoided at all costs. Or at least scoffed at. No, I’m just kidding. I try to cut back on my scoffing.

So really, all this to say, change is in my near future and I am an ENFP… and if that isn’t a DUH moment, I don’t know what is.


So while I “re-center” myself and try to focus on mundane tasks… enjoy this cute video to the song I was quoting earlier…

One thought on “i predict by dinner i wont even care

  1. Wowza, its been a long time since I’ve commented on one of your blogs! I’ve been reading them though!!!

    First, I’m glad you’re back to writing most days again. You were kinda gone for a while, seemed like whilst your boss was assitizing himself. 🙂

    Your brain is way engaged, and I like that. I woudln’t say you’ve been Christian bashing, I’d say you’ve been Poser bashing.

    A lot of Christians like to keep to the rules but have no real heart for Christ. Seems to me like they’re trying to be Saints for an hour or so a week. And if they can quote some stuff, all the better. But there’s really little heart in most… or at least not enough to step out.

    But you step out. So you get frustrated with those who don’t. I know that feeling!

    I hope you land somewhere with your job situations soon. And get that confounded book written, will ya?!

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