random robin

sportsmanlike conduct

Far be it from me to argue with the knowledgeable and praiseworthy referee staff for the NFL, but I do have to mention this morning that I believe they made an error, even though the error was in favor of my squad.  Maybe they just got jittery and really just wanted to throw their hands up in that beloved TOUCHDOWN pose we are all so fond of, or perhaps the line ref got all confused and thought he was looking at the sideline and not the goal line since he had really not had the pleasure of looking at the goal line ALL GAME LONG. 

I don’t really know what exactly was going through their heads (and lines of sight) but the ball never crossed the plane which I thought was necessary for  TD.  Of course, we’ll take it, because I still think they would have brought it in on 4th and goal.  But we will never know, will we? I just hate it when a team wins on a controversy like that.  Even if it is my team, I just like nice, clean games.  I guess I don’t want it to be football really. I imagine all the players get together after and have tea and scones, and tell each other “lovely bout we just had, yes?”

Watch for yourself if you care at all…



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