random robin


i am totally cheating with my post today. this came from facebook (yikes) where you’re supposed to write 16 random things about yourself and then force and/or guilt your friends into doing it as well. whateva. lists take me a long time, so i’m double posting for my efforts


1. i am really quite claustrophobic.

2. one of my biggest fears is being buried alive or smothered to death.

3. i once sorta kinda stalked an actor in new york. no charges were pressed.

4. i have a spreadsheet of my life starting from senior year of high school.

5. i also have a spreadsheet “scoring” all dates/boyfriends/significant others.

6. i adore edward norton even when he’s in really lame movies.

7. i have a really hard time finishing anything i start. like this list.

8. i am teaching myself harmonica.

9. i am a total comic book geek – anything by neil gaiman, alan moore, frank miller or garth ennis, or drawn by dave mckean who is absolutely amazing.

10. and i heart batman and have read (and written) serious reviews about the character. dont laugh at me. batman rocks!

11. i once toured with an irish punk rock band and was their merch girl.

12. i wrote a series of short stories based on 1 cor 13, the “love chapter.” they are very dark stories. lol

13. i briefly worked as a matchmaker for a dating service.

14. my hair was once blue, and pink, and blonde. not at the same time.

15. i’d like to be in a play again some time.

16. i am very glad this list is done.


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