new feature for 2009!

So in my ongoing quest to do new things and go a little crazy, I decided to add a new category to my blog. I know! It’s soooo kuh-ray-zee!

This feature will be called “learn” because it will be a category filled with stuff you may not know, or are not that familiar with, and because I am not all that creative. Mostly it will probably end up being crap I grab off Graham’s blog. (haha jk!)

So for our first learning activity, I take you to New Jersey. Cuz we all know you learn stuff in Jersey! Every New Year’s, the Lawrence Historical Society hosts a large bonfire to celebrate the end of the year and reflect and just generally make merry.  Apparently, there is a Scottish tradition of celebrating New Years, called Hogmanay, which in some ways took the place of Christmas for Scots for some time when it was banished by religious types. Instead, they celebrated with family and gift-giving activities on New Years Eve through Jan 2. They would typically make a bonfire, sing songs, eat steak pie, and sing Auld Lang Syne. Not my favorite song in the world, but until I write a better one, it’ll do.

Another cool thing they do is write down all the worries and bad memories of the past year and throw the paper into the bonfire. I like that a lot. In fact, I think I will do that tomorrow night in my parents’ backyard. In their copper firepit of course.

Anyway, you can read more about the traditions at the links below.

(I always find myself following links all willy-nilly down a rabbit hole and often forget where I started in the first place. I just now ended up on something about Queen E2’s wedding and how Prince Phillip is tied to the Nazis. I had no idea about all that. But he did have to swear allegiance to her in her coronation as sovereign. I think I will use those vows in my wedding whenever that happens… nah, not really. I wouldn’t want to be sovereign of anything. yikes!!)

ohhh look! Fire!











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