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More for the Blogroll

So here’s a few more people I’m adding to the list of bloggers – as if we all need more to read on the interwebnet…

Goggin Family – 365 days of pictures!

This is a very cool idea that Sara came across on another blog (click to follow the link rabbit hole as I did). I might steal it as well, but I am not quite as ambitious. Maybe I’ll post pics once a week.  Anyway, I know Sara and Kyle from church, where Kyle is the Youth Pastor and Music Director. They’re a cool couple and often have inspired me to dream big =)

Dan Burnham’s Positive Cynic

While I was in Denver, I met up with a dude named Joe on myspace somehow (I honestly can’t even remember how I stumbled across him, but it was Providence for sure) Joe was/is a Lutheran Pastor who was starting an alternative kind of church – namely online. Pastor Joe quickly passed my test of a cool Christian by (a) drinking beer, (b) not being a self-righteous pr*ck and (c) having tatoos. Not to mention having a very cool and talented wife and allowing me to curse in front of him. haha.

Anyway, all this to lead up to the subsequent stumbling onto his brother (not literally – it would be quite hard to do as I believe he is in Japan) and a video he made which caused me to LOL. So I guess intelligence, coolness, and humor run in their genes. With a slight touch of geek. ok, ok, not slight.

and finally, i bring you (drumroll please)…


of course I’ve been reading his journal for years now, but haven’t added til now. Quite frankly, I felt a bit of a schoolgirl over him (still do) and thought he’s brilliant (still is). But I got over myself and decided to go ahead and share him with those of you who are not as familiar.

Quick anecdote, I did have the opportunity to meet him at a book reading and signing and of course I had absolutely nothing to say to him. I mean, i have things to say, but at the moment I got in front of him, I completely blanked. I don’t get star-struck very often. I have met my share of celebs through the years, from working at the New School in NYC (the school where they film the Inside the Actor’s Studio series, and we were always putting on events and stuff) to living in LA for a bit. I could tell you of countless times when I was totally cool and collected, and even a tad witty and charming. Even got asked out by a few.

But for some reason, Neil Gaiman made me completely speechless. It was ridiculous. That cartoon moment when I am reduced to the size of an ant rubbing my little antenae together trying to make an intelligible sound. What’s that you say, Lil Robin? You found a bit of pretzel on the floor? Good job. Now carry it back to the anthole.


Anyways… that’s the 3 for today. Enjoy!


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