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eat meat = lose job

I’m so desperate I applied for a job with PETA!! (Hopefully they are not currently reading this… if so, of course you are my first choice in employers and I fully support your mission!!)

But seriously, I had applied years ago when an opening for an internship opened. I thought it woud be educational if nothing else. While I don’t necessarily espouse ALL of the actions taken, I do support their right to take said actions and agree with the underlying principles thereof.

That said, I can’t see not eating eggs. I encourage everyone to buy range-free eggs. As my sister-in-law related, her brother said he only eats “happy food.” I like that. My rule had been I only eat things that are smaller than me. And weigh less. Because I’m not sure most pigs would be shorter if stretched out, but they do weigh more. I think. *ahem* Moving on…

So in answering the rather lengthy survey on their website, I discovered that I actually didn’t have to lie or even stretch myself all that much to align with their stances. I carefully read their euthanasia policy (which almost made me tear up a bit) and looked through their current activities. The larger generic question of “Do you live a vegetarian lifestyle” made me sigh in relief, because I honestly thought that they would require vegan lifestyles. You know my affection for leather. But seriously, I can’t see giving up eggs or dairy because in the scheme of things, that is one of the most useful aspects of our animal-human relationship with chickens and cows. But I could and have done without eating said chickens and cows for sure.

The other question they ask is about having any pet companions and I sadly had to answer no. I miss having a dog and cats. I had up to 9 cats at one point. That was good times. When I get my own place again, i will have a cat and maybe a dog as well. It will depend on several factors, but really I dont see my life without them. And eventually I really really want a pig.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, for inspiration, I’m gonna watch The Year of the Dog again. It was pretty good. Maybe I’ll end up like Molly Shannon’s character…


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