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i went to Richmond’s First Friday Artwalk for the first time last night. I’ve been trying to get up there since I first heard of it when I moved here in 2007. Something always came up and then I started the First Fridays Cafe at our church which conflicted, obviously. But I had decided not to plan one for January 2nd being so close to the holidays, and read that Richmond was going to go ahead with one for the 2nd Friday. Cool beans.

Some of the galleries are just amazing spaces, and the architecture and surprising layouts were fantastic. I often have thought I should have been an architect because I really do get so turned on by a great building. I just dreaded all the math.

I don’t take pictures of other people’s work without permission so I don’t have any shots of the pieces I liked. There only seemed to be maybe 2 or 3 of the artists at any of the places we went. Though I suppose some of them could have been lurking. Anyway, I got outside and took the sidewalk light panels…

sidewalk light panelslight panel

And this really creepy head on what I found out was the Police Headquarters. Nothing like a Big Brother is Watching reference…

it's called "Thin Blue Line" but it's mostly "Really Freaky"

Click HERE to see the official write up of Big Brother – no, I’m not watching you.


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