random robin

kind of a big deal

So I was talking to someone, who will remain nameless to protect her lameness (oh that’s kinda fun to say out loud) mentioning that Monday was a holiday and Tuesday might be for some. She asked, for what? And I said, ummm the inauguration. And she said, oh they do that separately? And I said, separately from what? And she thought a second and then laughed at herself. She said oh forget it. And I said no way, (never being one to not point out my friends’ stupidity) separately from what? She said from Congress. Or something like that. I was like, well, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal really. I mean it’s not like getting married or having a baby or anything. It’s not quite as spectacular as all that. You just, you know, take an oath in front of the entire known world, and have about a bazillion people loitering about on the national mall to watch the first African-American President ever take on the small task of leading our nation.  You know, it’s no big whoop really. Just pencil it in if you get a minute.

I’m still sad that I won’t be there. But I also realize what a zoo it will be, so I’m looking forward to watching it from the couch with a cup of coffee (maybe a shot of bailey’s) and a cheese omelette (hold the pig meat).

By the way, I take issue with the Top 5 Most memorable quotes that Fox and the well-loved AP put together here… they’re all good quotes, but the order is a tad amiss in my ever-so-humble opinion.



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