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We are the champions, my friends

here we go! Steelers! here we go!

original at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jdebner/2980463626/

And this song always makes me laugh…

So the number one question I get is why am I a Pittsburgh fan? I’m not from there, I didn’t go to school there, and I have two perfectly adequate teams from which to choose in my own home town (meaning New Jersey, errr I mean New York).

Well, let me tell you.

Aside from having impeccable taste, and generally being fond of their team colors (I like wearing a black jersey), I was initially suckered into liking them when dating a die-hard fan during the years when being a fan was not so exciting. Two words: Kordell Stewart. Two more words: Tommy Maddox.

From about 2001 on, I began the dubious pasttime of watching football all day Sundays and sometimes Monday nights to understand what exactly it was about the game that made people so insane. About halfway through the first full season of watching, it all clicked. I finally understood what was so important about the first down and that moving yellow line on TV. At some point in 2004, I joined a flag football team and while my career as a receiver was, well, short, pun intended, I had a real appreciation for just how much harder it was to run around like a headless chicken than it looked.

So that’s my appreciation of the game, but I didn’t answer the Pittsburgh part. Here’s where it got tricky. I suppose I grew up with an appreciation of the Steelers before I even knew what a “Steeler” was. I had heard of the Steel Curtain and Terry Bradshaw, probably from my dad or just on TV on a Sunday afternoon while taking a nap. My only real knowledge of the Steelers was that they were the team with gold pants and fans flinging yellow towels about their heads.

Fast forward to college and everything was about the Giants or Jets. When I had discovered they called a little stadium in Jersey their “home,” I thought what??? Traitors! How dare they? And how does NY generate revenue from that? And wouldn’t that place smell like horse poop? (I’ll admit I’ve never been to the Meadowlands or Giants Stadium.)

But it was settled in my mind, that not only would I NOT root root root for the home team, (though I do root for the Yankees usually) I would look for a team that had more heart than that. And so I looked west. Not too far west mind you. Not like Denver west or San Diego west. Just a little bit. Like Pennsylvania west. So by the time I actually lived in the west, Denver, I had been dating a Pittsburgh fan who abandoned me on Sundays during football season, something he warned me about on the 2nd date. Instead of joining him, just not something I felt invited to do, I found my own place to watch and incidentally, a group of Pitt fans all my own.

Then, it was love at first sight really. I saw an interview with him after a game and he was just so cute I wanted to reach into the screen and pinch his cheeks. He was a big brown teddy bear who made me think a little bit of Santa Claus. You know, if Santa Claus was like, not white. And really old.

And then I saw THE COMMERCIAL (with him singing “the wheels on the bus go round and round”) and thought, yep, that settles it. I love The Bus.  Jerome Bettis. #36. Love of my life. Ok, that’s a stretch. (But hey if you’re reading this, Jerome, call me. We’d make beautiful babies!)

But seriously, as I started watching more of the Steelers, and the debacle of Maddox,(incidentally a very handsome man in person and should probably stick to coaching) there were 2 things that I noticed. The team seemed respectable, didn’t hear a lot about bad boys or attitudes or nonsense that goes along with a lot of these NFL primadonnas. And the Defense, the Steel Curtain, consistently rated best in the league for 20 some years. And the fans were diehard loyalists. Not that most fans aren’t. I mean that’s the definition of a fan – fanatic and hardcore. That’s the point really. But no matter where you went, the people you ran into from Pittsburgh were a steady crew.

So I still haven’t been to Pittsburgh, though it’s high on my to do list. In fact, now that I know a few people in the area, it makes it a lot easier to manage. And I think this is the year. It’s already off to a great start!!!!


and I had to add this pic sent by a friend from the Steelers website…



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