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it’s a deep subject. ah ha ha ha.

So I’ve been a bit mopey lately. Thank God for football and the Steelers winning big (See Mom! God created football for our pleasure. even if they do play on Sundays. haha)

But really. I watched Chariots of Fire last night and started to cry. Chariots of freakin fire, man! What is WRONG with me?? I think all that slow-mo got to me. And PMS.

Mostly, though, I’m stressing out. It’s kind of like being stuck in a well and it’s after the initial shock of falling and just before the full-on panic of realizing you’re in a well. I still can tread the water and look up to figure out a way to crawl out. And it’s not the kind of well with very smooth, uncracked sides. And I’m not far from civilization where I can’t scream a whole lot and hope someone hears me. But it’s still a well. And I saw The Ring movie one too many times (I saw it once and mostly through my fingers) and the image of a freaky girl crawling out of the well is totally creeping me out right now. Ok, moving on to another analogy…

But 2009 started out smoothly enough and there are things that seem brighter than I thought. I’m trying to keep from drowning in my own tears, and focusing on the good things of life and the fact that I will never be totally destitute or alone.  And the sun always comes out again.  And the itsy bitsy spider will crawl up the spout again. (yeah, the spider thing is working for me better than the creepy girl well thing)

And then I watched the Inauguration. While I watched some of it in a preemptive cringe (*cough*Rick Warren*cough*), I did find that it all went quite smoothly. But I did get weepy and had to grab for the tissues again. I was proud of America for the first time in a good long while, and happy to be alive right now to witness so many wonderful things unfolding. Like President (drop the elect) Obama stated, “This is the source of our confidence — the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.” I feel more confidence in that man then I have in all the others in my lifetime put together.

That said, there is a tremendous burden resting on his shoulders now. He mentioned throughout the speech the responsibility, the practical nature of such, on each American citzen. Not enough can be said about this, the importance of every person doing her/his part. We have more information and access to government than ever before though it feels for years now we the people have been doing less. I mean other than getting in the way. Instead we need to shoulder the burden and see our part in this administration. I loved the way he brought out the everyperson – the mother, the firefighter, the civil servant, the farmer – to call us out one by one, to shoulder the burden alongside him, to be yoked together in partnership, government and people, the oxen and the cart, if you will, to do our parts and to “remake America.”

So I blow my nose and wipe my eyes. I eat my cheese sammich and split-pea soup (thanks Mom). And I breathe in new courage to face the race before me. Cue Vangelis…


One thought on “well…

  1. I watched the inauguration at work today, and teared up a couple times. I must say that I am glad to hear President Obama tell it like it is – that it will take our own personal responsibility for this to work. That’s not a popular stance!

    Let’s dig in, and get it done!

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